Company profile

The company was formed in 1974 by Richard Austin in order to provide advice and support to farms in the Lincolnshire area. The focus at that time was to assist farms by providing Farm management support, financial advice plus crop management advice, particularly aimed at the root crop growing sector.

Shortly after that the laboratory came into being as the first UK commercial lab to offer PCN analysis as well as nutrient testing.

The business developed and became well known for managing numerous large farming enterprises, whether through a period of change or due to unforseen circumstances, RAA always put the farming business interests first when taking into account the objectives of the shareholders.

Richard Austin is credited with the introduction of commercially grown Maris Piper to Lincolnshire. This variety still dominates the planted area annually.

As Richard’s retirement approached, Jeremy Stock joined the business in 2000 following 15 years with the Farm management company Velcourt. After a short period of overlap, he took over the reins in 2001. His role is to provide ongoing consultancy services to RAA customer but also to provide technical advice to growers using the laboratory services. He is Basis, FACTS, Beta and Basis soil and water qualified and is happy to talk to clients who have questions relating to analysis results.

The aim of the business is to continue evolving in order to meet the farming clients requirements, offering a flexible solution whether dealing with the Single Farm Payment, meeting legislative requirements or to assist in management.

Today Richard Austin Agriculture forms part of the Hutchinsons Group, employs around 10 staff and remains committed to serving the needs of farmers of Lincolnshire and beyond.
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